When Stefania Camilleri met the resins, a new synergy was born, combining technology, art and functionality in a continous search for beauty through the use of new materials and new techniques.


A project that declines art and materials into new forms and trends.


Stefania Camilleri, mathematic, watercolorist and photographer with a passion for experimentation.

She lives and works in Rome and, since 2004, she has exhibited in major galleries and institutional places. In 2014 one of her works in resins was selected for the Biennale of Modern Art in Viterbo.

Founder of the artistic movement of "Creative Sinestesism", in 2006 she received in Rome's Capitol the "Woman and Culture" award.

Through the study of the properties of epoxy resins and related technologies she has undertaken a new path towards art design, creating new, fascinating complex materials.